PLACEMENT SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL is an organization based in Buenos Aires Argentina, dedicated to the screening, selection and placement of students and graduates in practical training and work experiences in the United States. Our objective is to bring solutions to the selection process so the employer can drastically reduce recruiting costs, invest less time and allocate resources in a more beneficial manner.

PSI currently offers experience, knowledge and personalized recruiting services for U.S. employers within the Hospitality Industry, Social Services Field and in Environmental Sciences and Accounting and Finance among others. These placements can occur in several ways depending upon the needs of both the potential Employers and Candidates.

Our business was formed to assist your business. We know that it’s becoming increasingly more difficult and expensive to reach qualified prospects. We can provide competent professionals to fill positions in your organization. Our students and professionals have offered international culture, talent and perspective to many organizations like yours, allowing you to concentrate on your clients and services while we concentrate on your staffing needs.

We conduct an in depth screening process to match the professional profile you are seeking. During interviews where previous education and work experience are discussed, an analysis of candidates skills, vocation, motivations and goals are also conducted. After PSI's pre-selection process is done, interviews between employers and candidates are coordinated. These can be done face to face if an Employer decides to conduct a Recruiting Trip to Buenos Aires or simply by scheduling telephone interviews. After offers are received, paperwork is completed, embassy visits scheduled and travel programmed.
Offering these quality services, means having global partners that share our work ethic and commitment to excellence so that your organization will receive the same quality attention and dedication both from Argentina and our U.S. partners.
We appreciate the opportunity to share with you our professional experience in making the decision you're facing. After 15 years of proven success in recruitment and placement abroad, we welcome requests not only from those fields we already specialize in, but also in many other industries where we can apply our knowledge and experience. Please do not hesitate to contact us and tell us about your organization and specific field as it would be our pleasure to assist you in all your staffing needs.
We look forward to establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with your organization in the near future.
  • Locally based organization with talented pool of candidates allowing for the best possible selection.
  • Personalized placement search.
  • Evaluation of candidates’ English language level in order to expedite selection.
  • English speaking staff familiar with North American culture.
  • 17 years of experience in placement abroad.
  • Assistance regarding completion of all documentation and forms which must be sent abroad.
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